Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Using Partnerships For Promotions

Convenient Stores: Your customers shop at convenient stores almost every day, ask the store owner if you can leave flyers on their counters. Purchase a plastic stand to stack your flyers in to make sure you don't clutter the counter. The manager will appreciate the personal touch and tidy up your display for you.

Insurance: Start a relationship with an insurance agency? Pass out small flyers at bike nights in your area with a good call to action about how your business and the insurance company can both provide them with good service.

Day Care: Work with a local pizza shop and pass out flyers to their customers tell them about your nearby day care location. Offer to promote the Pizza shop in your day care.

Doctors: Looking for new patients? Strike a deal with a neighboring business like a salon to give you a discount off say a half hour massage. Offer a free salon service for new patients on your flyer and display them at the salon. You pay the salon for the service at a discounted rate and your flyers are prominently displayed in a higher traffic business.
Order a good amount as the salon will want to pass them out to increase their business also.

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