Monday, February 27, 2012

Colors Affect Your Sales

How can you use colors in your advertising and marketing that ultimately affect the bottom line of your sales.

If you are a smart seller, you know it is not that easy to persuade your customer to actually buy something. But, there is the science behind how the products are organized, displayed and labels are created to help guide your customers through to making a purchase.

That wealth of tricks are based on solid psychological practices that in the end “convert” the customer from a visitor into the buyer.

One of the most powerful methods to appeal to a potential buyer is applying color theory to commerce. Has it ever occurred to you why you feel safer in one store and more energetic in another one? Have you ever noticed that landing on some web page you feel like clicking some button/link and keep browsing the site? While other pages prompt you to stay and keep reading? To some extent, this might be the choice of colors for the page elements.

Think about standing in front of a magazine display and why your eyes are drawn to one magazine over another one.

Color is one of the most powerful elements of design for web sites, direct mail, ads, and other marketing materials. It carries meaning through associations and your bodies’ physical response. Color associates can vary from country to country but in Western culture they are basically the same.

Color Prompts You to Buy

A regular shopper in North America is likely to respond to color choice the following way:
Warm colors, like reds, oranges and yellows make you feel energetic, hungry, enthusiastic and cheerful that leads to action.  It is a combination of aggressive red and cheerful yellow, these colors activate your pituitary gland and increases your heart rate.  This action response is used in calls to action.

Blues on the other hand are secure and trustworthy.  That color is associated with sky (therefore universally liked) Used to create trust blue is related to money and business related websites.

Green colors both light and dark bring out the feelings of calm, stability and wealth.  Green is associated with spring and nature and is used for entertainment and leisure related marketing.  Green is the easiest color for the eyes.  Consider it for testimonials, founder’s story, etc.

This is a good place to start on the proper use of color.

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