Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Power of Nice

So much of the Television landscape has recently been populated with shows that go out of their way to show people being down right deceitful, mean and so self-centered that you wonder where and how they were raised.

Every channel seem to be trying to outdo the next on who could have the meanest show.  The idea was that the sow with the most drama would be the winner and have the largest audience.  No, I’m not going to give you a long list of what shows I mean.

Some the shows had early high ratings. But none had long followings.  After the peak only the hard-core fans stayed on.  With every season the shows had new competition and all the producers tried more and more outrageous stuff to bring in new viewers and keep their old ones.

It always seems that what ever show is a hit, the other networks quickly bring their own version or spin on that idea.  The trend has always been that way, westerns and more westerns.  Cop shows and more cop shows.  Doctor and hospital shows brought even more of the medical shows.

Only the brave (and experienced producers and writers) will gamble on new formats and set a trend away from the “herd.”

No, I’m not about to suggest that TV Land is about to break out with a case of “Nice.” We can sure practice “Nice” in our own lives and businesses.

Go out of your way to treat your customers with a heavy dose of “Nice”, both in person and in your advertising, print or otherwise.  Reward your employees for being nice to customers.  Praise can be very profitable.

If your customers aren’t your nicest friends, you should work on that.

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