Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Single Concept Advertising.

Stop a minute and take a look at your companies brochure.  Is it a simple single concept?  Does it try to tell everything about your business?

Does it tell and list everything you offer or do?  Why?  Everyone does it that way!  Really.  Ever noticed in a Doctors office that they have many brochures and each offers advice on a single problem or health condition.

The correct way to present a problem and offer a solution is to do it one thing at a time.  You don’t ever want to bury your audience with more than one topic.  Remember K.I.S.S?  Keep it Simple Stupid or as some folks say Keep It Stupid Simple.

You have a restaurant and you want to have new people try out your lunch or dinner servings.  Your competition may think the best way is to print up a mini menu and had those out.  That gives them EVERYTHING and the prices.  Do they care you serve coffee and soda?  Do they care that like all other restaurants in the area you have 16 kinds of chicken? Just a list of fare that goes on and on, boring plus!

You are much better served taking that same space and telling them that you have the best, most mouth watering pies west of the Mississippi.  Finish with when and where and you have a very effective advertisement.  Never forget the a “Picture is Worth a Thousands Words!”

The next week your new ad covers your large piece southern fried chicken made from your great grandmothers secret family receipt, served with locally grown fresh vegetables.  Images are everything in these ads.

Does it work for your local garage? Sure it does.  Just the facts ma’am… Stay with why your cars needs frequent oil changes and then offer your best solution and at a great price. 

For the customer who must have more information include your web site and let them visit and get more information at their leisure.

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