Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not A McDonald’s Ad!

I know this may start out sounding like a McDonald’s Ad, but its not.  McDonald’s is just a big part of the story. As a local (Phoenix Arizona Metro Area) merchant we like the new philosophy of “Think Globally, but Act Locally.”

The idea of buying locally has benefits for everyone in your area from the local farmer, drycleaner, hardware store to your local full service printer.

So on with the McDonald’s story.  I was a bit hungry and was passing a McDonalds and noticed a poster for the new Chicken McBites.  I dropped in and had a Shareable McBites and drinks.  Eating-in meant that the tray contained a “trayliner” as well.

While enjoying the new McBites (think, a lot  smaller than a Chicken McNugget) I read about the new “Portable and Poppable Chicken McBites” on the trayliner.  What I found in small print on the vary bottom of the trayliner is what really caught my attention… I read “Printed in the United States of America.”  I didn’t know that! Aren’t all big companies printing everything overseas?  The bottom line profit motive (real or not) seems to be the mantra for all corporations these days.

McDonald’s Printing in the United States of America, well knock me over with a feather. So I read on.  My cup was “Printed in the United States of America.”  The cute little foldable container with my Chicken McBites was “Printed in the United States of America.” Three out of three.

Looking across the table at a fellow diner let me see that not only was the container made using recycled paper it was “Printed in the United States of America.”  Now it was 4-out-of-4!

This is not a McDonald’s Ad, it is a Great Big Thank You to McDonald’s. “Think Globally, but Act Locally.”  On behalf of all the U.S. of A. printers, large and small, Thank You.

We can only recommend that we all can act in that way.  Support your local…

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