Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Do Double Takes Make Great Marketing?

The online dictionary makes the following entry for Double Take..
dou•ble take  
A delayed reaction to something unexpected, immediately after one's first reaction: "Tony glanced at her, then did a double take".

We have all had that happen to us.  We see something and it grabs us so hard we need to take a second look at the item.  That is the holy grail of marketing.  We all know that we first need to “get their attention” and then and only then can we deliver our message.

If they don’t look at your message, it (your message) is not going to be effective.

In the Vegas market place the tourist that arrive by plane are inundated by all sorts of advertising messages.  It is really hard to break through that amount of advertising clutter.  The photos shows a traveling case that goes around a luggage carousel at McCarran International airport.  It is sure to grab the attention of those people waiting to pick up their luggage. 

It is in a place where people gather.  It stands out and I’ll bet it causes many “double takes.”  What can you do for your business that will stand out as much as this does?  Before you think that nothing like this could be done, please keep in mind that this is really thinking outside the box. That is what you need to do to achieve the same type of results.

You also hear the term “buzz” a lot these days.  If your advertising creates double takes it will also get people talking about your message and that is the buzz you need to go viral.

Folks often tie the guerrilla marketing to creating buzz.  That is arguably the goal of all types of advertising.  Most traditional advertising is now considered safe and even boring. The age group your targeting is going to determine the advertising you use.  It can be said that if your target market is under thirty-five years of age a newspaper ad is nearly 100% wasted.

If your age group is over fifty then don’t advertise on MTV.  While this may not be news to you, think about your target market (age) and how effective your reach is with your existing promotions.  What change can you make in your message to get your target market to do a double take?  

Kia Motors had a real wake-up call when they found the Kia Soul, which was being targeted to sell to a very young crowd was selling across all ages.  So much for a Soul full of hamsters.  

Before you say you are sure that double take advertising could never work for your business and your target audience, keep in mind that you don’t want to find out you are wrong and completion is already doing “double take” marketing.

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