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Made In The USA - DeFrancisci Pasta Machinery

The DeFrancisci family has manufactured pasta machinery in the USA since 1914.

Ignazio DeFrancisci and his son Joseph formed I. DeFrancisci & Son using expertise gained while building food machinery in Italy. Ignazio’s family owned a well known Italian pasta company and he combined his experience working there with his engineering know-how to create state of the art pasta machines in America.

The father and son team founded the company based on innovation and from the beginning, they developed breakthrough technologies both in processing methods and equipment design. Their designs helped automate pasta making and revolutionize the industry. Business was good and during the 1930’s the company expanded by merging with Ambrette Machine Corp and Cavasco & Cavinaro Company to form Consolidated Machine Corp.

With Joseph DeFrancisci as its President, Consolidated grew rapidly with increased international sales. During World War II, Consolidated’s large and well equipped manufacturing facility geared up for war production. Using proficiency in precision machining and equipment design, the plant made specialized hardware to support the war effort, such as Norden bomb sights and wing construction tooling for Grumman Wildcat and Hellcat fighters. For this effort, the company won the Navy Battle “E” for Excellence. After the war, worldwide demand for Consolidated machines spiked and sales expanded to one production line per week. Unable to keep up with demand, Joseph DeFrancisci licensed his designs for production in Italy where they achieved popularity throughout the post war years.

In 1952, Consolidated’s partners went their separate ways and Joseph DeFrancisci formed DeFrancisci Machine Corporation (DEMACO). Joseph DeFrancisci maintained his traditional approach to machine design with an emphasis on innovation, reliability and user friendly equipment. With a focus on engineering, DEMACO leveraged emerging technologies in materials, automation, electronics and computerized control systems. During this time, DEMACO fielded rugged and dependable machines with features that facilitated operator ease of use. Now led by Ignazio’s three grandsons, Ignatius, Joseph and Leonard (mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers) the company increased its efforts on product improvement and manufacturing quality. These efforts led to new developments in sanitary equipment design and enhanced food processing techniques, particularly in the fresh and frozen sectors.

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