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Manufacturer’s of Natural Sheep's Wool Insulation and Wool Products

SheepRollTM, SheepBattTM, SheepRopeTM and SheepFillTM insulation are general purpose natural wool fiber products designed for use in loft, rafter, internal wall, and inter-floor applications. SheepRollTM, SheepBattTM, SheepRopeTM and SheepFillTM meet and surpass US building product standards for Thermal, Fire, Mold Resistance and Structural performance.

Why Sheep’s Wool Insulation?

The manufacture of sheep wool insulation requires 90% less energy to manufacture than mineral wool insulation. In use, the durability and moisture control properties of wool allow for a higher level of performance and longevity — retaining its insulating properties for the life of the building.

 Sheep wool insulation has a 10% greater insulating factor than that of glass fiber insulation. Wool insulation is not only breathable but also able to absorb, retain and release moisture without affecting its thermal properties or performance. Wool insulation is ideal for breathable wall construction.

 Wool is naturally fire retardant; the material only chars since there is insufficient oxygen in the atmosphere to support combustion of wool. In the event of a fire, wool will not add to the fire risk and produces no toxic gases.

 Why settle for mineral wool when you can use the real thing?

If you’re going to hike in the snow, you’ll probably want to wear your wool socks. Not only do they insulate your toes from the cold, but your socks will still do a good job if a little snow or slush gets into your boots. That same principle applies for insulating wall cavities in places where sheep’s wool is plentifully available.

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