Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Complaints, Nightmares From Hell

Complaints are bad enough when they belong to you.  In the third part on customer complaints we have saved the “worst” for last.  What kind of complaint is the worst.  First they end up on the Internet in Social Media or on Review sites and worst of all they are 100% baseless.

Yes, there are complaints that are out there and the business is NOT guilty of the story being told about them.  It happens, really! 

These also fall into two types.  The first are complaints that have the correct business and the story being told has some part of it that is accurate.  The second type of erroneous complaint is one that somehow faults a business that is the wrong business and the story being told is completely fabricated.

What makes both of these two types of complaints hard to deal with is that that can’t be corrected.  There is no likely hood that the customer can be identified and then have the situation corrected.  The story is not going to have the outcome of being followed up with the customer doing a favorable follow-up.

With a story that is completely wrong you can write your side of the story but that will call more attention to the original story.  Some people will believe the original story no matter what you do and rehashing it will just add more negative press and new readers feelings.  Ignore the story and keep doing a good job with all of your customers and the story really will fade away.

If your question is why would somebody write a story that harms an innocent business?  They only have a vague idea and either create a story or pass on one they have read about.  This tends to fall into the “Too much time and too little to do” genre. Some people are just plain mean and don’t care if they hurt innocent people.  It brings them attention either directly or indirectly.

With a story that seems to have a bit of correct information mixed with a big story that is mostly wrong you should still try to contact the person who is writing about you and take the time to listen to their side of the story.  What you are looking for is how, in their mind, they are writing a story that isn’t complete or accurate from your point of view.

You want to see if you can arrange a meeting of the minds that allows them to let you give them a solution for the problem they think happened.  You still have the chance for a re-write from them that you stepped up to the plate and solved the problem.  That is the best you can hope for, if not “silence” is still the best policy. Again think of the Striesand Effect.

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