Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Business Cards Learn To Use Them

I think it is safe to say that every business person has a business card that tells at least something about contacting them.  But, is that enough for your business card to accomplish… your contact information?

Usually one of the first things a new business owner does is have business cards made.  Many times the order is for the least amount of cards the vendor will produce.  The thinking is “I’ll never use that many of them.”  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

In the Multi-Level Marketing world they have what is called the “Three Foot Rule.”  The thinking is that anyone within three feet of you should be given a business card.  Excessive?  How fast do you want to grow your business?  The more people who know you, the more people who could potentially do business with you.  It doesn’t matter what your business is the larger the circle of people you interact with the greater likely hood that they could be interested in what you do or what you sell.

Yes, some people are shy about starting a conversation with a stranger and passing them a business card.  It is said that younger people have more trouble with that action than older people.  It seems however that it can be a learned habit.

You know you do nice work or that you sell great products or services.  Why not start conversations with strangers and  find out about them and their needs.  Even if they would never use your services they have friends or family who would.  If they aren’t interested today they can keep your card for future reference or pass it on to someone who needs you now.

So take the time to spread the good news about you and your business to everyone you can.

So the next time you order business cards make it a least 1,000 if not 2,500 and start passing them out like there is no tomorrow.  Remember to use both sides!

At a minimum your business card should list;Name of Individual - Job Title of Individual
Name of Business or Organization - Tagline or Description of Business
Phone Number(s)
Email Address
Web Page Address
Photo of Individual
List of Services or Products

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