Thursday, June 7, 2012

Combined Promotions Work For Two

I read an article (on about a simple business partnership that worked well for both firms.

Gulf News, the UAE’s leading English daily newspaper, wanted to reach even more readers and convert them into subscribers. The target was to gain 1.5% more subscribers, help promote their twitter channel and increase traffic to the Gulf News website by at least 25%.

Consumption habit suggests that people read newspapers while having their morning cup of coffee. Tim Hortons in the UAE serves 35-50,000 coffees per month, per outlet. Realizing its untapped potential, they decided to create a campaign around them to meet the target.

The ExecutionSince fresh news goes well with fresh coffee, they adapted the coffee cup sleeve of Tim Hortons, a global coffee chain, into an advertising medium and created The ‘Headline News’ Cup Sleeve.

Every cup. Every hour. Every day. When Tim Hortons customers received a cup of coffee, they also received the headline news of the hour, printed using a special printer that pulled out tweets from the Gulf News Twitter account. The short URL and QR code on the sleeve then directed them to the Gulf News website where they could read the full story.

The ResultsOver 1,440 headline tweets have been printed on more than 840,000 coffee cups.
More than 2,900 new Gulf News Twitter followers in the first two weeks of the campaign launch.

The traffic on the Gulf News website grew by 41%.  Subscription’s were up by 2.8% so far.
What local company can you team up with and have a related or tie-in promotion.  Is there a local coffee shop you can promote new items on their coffee cup sleeves?  How about a simple flyer for your business stuffed in a nearby grocery store and you stuff flyers for the grocery store in with your sales. 

Two restaurants with very different menus could do the same type of promotion.  People like a change and nearly all won’t eat at the same restaurant every night or even every week.  You can recommend a change that recommends you back.  A reminder to customers even when they are at another location. 

A cross promotion with the right partner could work well in your shopping area.

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