Thursday, June 28, 2012

Questions That Can Spark New Business Ideas

What can you do to further your business?  This questions usually falls into two categories.  Either you have new or additional items to sell or you want to reach more customers.

New ideas are usually what you need.  You can ask your self questions about your business or your customer base and see if that leads to new ideas.

Question Number One
What new marketing ideas are being successfully used by other businesses in your industry?

Look at other industries where you see a business that is very successfully and ask yourself what marketing ideas are used in that industry that you could apply to your business or services?  This doesn’t have to be related in any way.  Just an idea or technique that is working for marketing ideas that you aren’t using currently.

Question Number Two
What are the new ways that I can acquire customers?

Have you ever thought about that? Most of us acquire customers one particular way. We have one method of acquiring customers. Ask yourself: What are the new ways that I can acquire customers? It will set off a chain reaction of ideas for you and your business, and when you start implementing these ideas, your business inevitably is going to expand and grow and get bigger and better and bring in more revenue.

You want to build your business on purpose, not by chance or happenstance.  Don’t wait for new business to walk through your front door, go out and give them a real reason to visit.

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