Monday, June 18, 2012

Hot Weather Business Promotions

Well the mercury just went past 113° F on my thermometer.  I don’t know about you but that ranks up there on my hot meter.  Yes, I was here when the Valley of the Sun’s heat went past 122° F on June 26th 1990.

If you think that was bad try Lake Havasu City, (in Northern Arizona) they reached 128° Fahrenheit on June 29th, 1994.

So what do you do to get customers excited about your business when the asphalt is trying to melt?  Well I’m sure offering them something cool is a very good idea. However, not all business can do that.  Or, can they.

Places that sell food and drink have an edge in the cool drinks, ice cream and like minded treats.  But if your business is service oriented you may think that you have noting to offer that is “cool”.  You could think of paper fans with your name on them as a give away item for you customers on a hot day.  You could even work out a deal with a local ice cream parlor and run a combined flyer that trades an item for a purchase from the others business.

You can always run offers that offer “Cool Savings” on items or services.  You want your customers to think cool alright, but more important you want customers (or potential customers) to think of you when they need those same products or services.

The bad news (timing wise) is you can even get a better deal on advertising summer products during the winter months or at the very end of the summer when many products will go on clearance or become discontinued, due to being out of season. Shopping around in the off season for your summer promotional gifts can enable you to save even more money on these items and that’s why it is so important to plan your promotions a year in advance. Doing so can allow you time to put together your concepts, save money on shipping in addition to on the products themselves and can also help you allot your marketing budget evenly throughout the year. It is essential that you run year round promotions for a maximum impact on your company. By thinking ahead, and purchasing next years promotional products, this year, you are going to be saving money and planning for a very successful advertising year.

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