Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Give Them a Better Reason To Buy!

When you see businesses run ads they tend to be price specific.  To ad insult to injury they tend to run in patterns, say every Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.  The business ends up training the customer to wait to shop on a day that they know the price is going to lower.

Does that pattern lead to new business? Does it lead to more business? Or, does it lead to selling stock at a lower price?  Does this mean that the sale lowers the net profit with out other measurable benefits?

The normal mantra is you have to get them (the customer) into the business with the intent to buy and while they are there the customer will buy other items that are not on sale to make up for the leader items that are featured in the sale.

There is an old saying that goes like this… “We lose money on every item we sell, but we make up for it in volume.”

A business must be supported by a marketing effort.  Why is it the normal thought that that means selling items at a discounted price?  Sometimes moving merchandise at a discount makes sense.  Do you have an overstock in some items?  Do you have items that have a sell by date that is fast approaching?  Is there a new model that is coming out (or is already out) that has better features and the same or lower price?  Answer yes, to those questions and a discounted price begins to make very good sense.

If you are doing a flyer or brochure that needs to last over time then price is not the feature you want to headline or tout.

Why are you carrying or selling an item?  Does it fill a need?  What makes it better than the (your) competition?  Is it local?  Are they fresher?  Does it taste better?  Is it a time saver?  Is it safer?  Is it faster?  Is it better looking?  Will it last longer?  Is it easier to use?  Does it make you feel better, be better, better looking or smarter?  Does it cost less to operate?  Is your customer service better and local?  What makes the service you provide the very best?  Sell your expertise!

Those are some of the reasons to buy a product.  What on earth does price have to do with it?

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