Monday, June 25, 2012

Complaints, Every Business Gets Them

No matter how well you run your business or how well you try and treat your customers you will eventually get a complaint.  It could come in person, over the phone, in a email or plastered all over the internet.  That is an exaggeration but it can sure feel like that is what a complaint feels like when you read it in social media or in a review site or forum.

It is said that the best measure of a business is how it deals with an unhappy customer.

We have said many times that a good measure of how to treat a customer is to treat them in exactly the same way you would want to be treated yourself.  In some cases the customer will not even be happy with that baseline as a starting or ending point when it comes to compensation. 

First listen to the customer and make sure you understand the full nature of their complaint.  The next step can be very simple.  Ask the customer what you can do to remedy the situation.  In some cases this will not be necessary as the customer will tell you exactly what they want.

The first step can be to simply replace the item or redo the service. 

In some cases a partial or full refund will be necessary.

If a product has caused additional damage then the correction of the damage may also be necessary.

If you are reselling a product you may find the original warranty will have limitations that can be a baseline for the restitution.

Once you have suggested or even completed your idea of the correction to the customer complaint make sure the customer agrees that the step you have done or suggested really makes the customer happy.

Once the customer has reverted back to a “happy state” you should be able to consider the matter resolved.

Tomorrow and the next day we are going to cover the two most basic types of complaints.  That is the ones that have some merit and those that are completely baseless or even out-right lies.

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