Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Do You Need or Want New Customers?

If you are a small business owner and your everyday goal is “Getting New Customers” you may have a very basic problem.  Are you a brand new business?  If you have been open at least a year “Goal One” should not be getting new customers.

Does this sound crazy to you?  The first question is, Why are you not keeping existing customers?  A business will always suffer customer loss over time.  Customers move. Customers no longer need your product or service.  Customers die.

This basic attrition rate among your customers should be offset by the normal word-of-mouth that your satisfied customer do on a natural basis.

Should not your everyday goal be to make sure you have satisfied customers?  Yes, there are a few types of businesses that need a fresh supply of customers.  Some purchases are made just a few times during a lifetime.  Realtors and car salesmen have to continually need “fresh” customers.

Think of a doctor. If his customers (patients) are satisfied with his performance and services they will stay and use that doctor for years.   Should your business not make use of that model of business?

Yes, a doctor loses patients for the same business reasons. Customers move. Customers no longer need your product or service.  Customers insurance coverage changes. Patients age or contract terminal diseases and die.  But, word of mouth helps replace the loss over time.  Until recently doctors were not allowed to do any type of advertising.

What will be your goal tomorrow? Do you need new customers more than you need to keep your existing customers.  This is what you need to decide that will be your business goal.  Learn to keep the customers you have or spend even more time and money to get new ones.

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