Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Asset Protection and Happy Customers

Many stores have an asset protection plan in place.  The plan is meant to reduce shrinkage (read theft) that is the result of both staff and customers removing items or changing the price prior to checkout.

The losses have a direct affect on all customers in the increased prices the store are forced to use to make up for the real dollar losses.

Companies that sell hard goods have many different kinds of shrinkage.  Some comes from the vary nature of the products, think along the lines of “produce” items in grocery stores.  Electronic items have a unique condition that results from the fast-paced “improvement” and progress that occurs constantly.  No one wants to buy the outdated version at the full price.

Many stores, Fry’s Electronics and Wal-Mart to mention two, now use folks that stand at the exits and “demand” to review your receipt  as you leave the store.  When questioned they respond that they are checking to make sure you were charged the correct price for your items.  That of course works both ways.  In reality they are using the opportunity to make many types of checks on what is in your bags or the cart as a whole.

While a store must do several things to prevent “shrinkage” these exit monitors must make sure they don’t leave the customer with a “bad” taste as related to the overall shopping experience.

These asset protection folks also must walk a very fine line when performing their duties.  One wrong word or action when making these stops as they don’t want to detain or accuse the innocent customers of theft.

A very fundamental change of ownership occurs as the customer pays for the merchandise.  They truly own the contents of the shopping cart as they leave the store.  To make an arrest for shoplifting several things must have happened and the security person must be very mindful of them.

Doing business well is hard to do these days, but angering customers as they leave your store is the very last thing a store wants to do.  The only search MI Printing will do is for the best deal for your business.

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