Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Puppies, Kittens and Babies

Nothing attracts attention like babies and puppies.  Every once in a while you will see someone walking in the mall holding a puppy or brand new baby.  If you take the time to watch you will see all sorts of people stopping and talking with the person and fawning over the little one.

I think all business owners would love to have a promotion attract that much attention.  It just falls under that big business axiom, “First Get Their Attention.”

Ad Week tells the story of the Animal Humane Society, a Minnesota non-profit, realizing the only thing the Internet loves more than cats is talking cats.  They put out an adorable spot, that they hope will attract support like puppies or babies in a mall.

Design studio MAKE created the spot pro bono, and it's clear from its placement on I Can Has Cheezburger this week that they've successfully tapped into the adorable-kitten zeitgeist. Of course, just when you're being bowled over by sweetness, you learn that out of 30,000 animals the shelter received last year, 20,000 of them were felines. Considering kitten season is about to begin, it's a good time to advertise. And if this doesn't make you want to take one home, you probably don't like cats.

The link to this very cute video is;

So what you want to do for your business is use a really good “hook” to get your potential buyer to at least look at your business as the source for their needs.  The medium you use, print, TV radio or social media is not as important as your message.

First, Get Their Attention and then deliver your memorable message.  All you have to do is find that talking kitten or baby.

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