Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It’s All About The Timing

How effective are door hangers?  Are they, when they are used as a flyer placed on a car in a parking lot?  I know that most of the time when I find a business card or post card size promotion placed on my car they don’t lead to many actions.

Many times there needs to be a combination of needs and interest to cause the action that the “message” targets.

The other day I found a door hanger flyer stuffed in my car door.  I should tell you the back story so you understand why the action was 50% message and 50% need.

For many years I have stopped for lunch at a certain Chinese restaurant every so often.  There is a car wash that shares the parking lot.  Over the years I have never used their service.  The car wash had changed names several times.  It sold a name brand gas for a while as well. Recently it closed down and after a time it was fully remodeled.  Both cosmetically and mechanically as well.  With another name change it re-opened.  But, still I never used them.  No reason, just wasn’t something that was a purchase.

After shopping at a nearby Wal-Mart, I found the door hanger on my car.  The offer was very straight forward.  A Grand Opening Special.  The offer was a Free eight dollar car wash.  The timing was two parts my was really in need of a bath and I had a bit of free time.

So after many years I was a potential customer who took the time to respond to their offer.  The employees were friendly and they did a good job.  So now you can say I have changed into a “real” customer.  Do door hangers work?  Yes, of course they do.  If you put out a thousand targeted messages and the timing is right a percentage of your offers will get the desired response. 

In this case there was no “Free” lunch, but, there was a free car wash and because of their service they have “captured” a customer.

Was the actual quality of the design special or perfect.  No, using black text on a dark blue background  diminished the effectiveness of part of the message.  The important thing was they did a promotion that will help them have more paying customers in the future.

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