Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why Are You In Business?

Why Are You In Business?  That may seem like a very stupid questions.  But, humor me here.  Why Are You In Business?  A very few people inherit the business they are in.  Most of us make a conscious decision to be in business for themselves.  We actually think about it and choose between getting a job and being the boss of our very own business.

As a second part of that decision making process we also choose what product, products, service or services to offer.  Many times the decision to go out on our own comes after years of working for others and deciding we could do a better job of being the boss.

Some folks turn (or try to turn) a hobby into a for profit business.  That idea sure seems to make sense.  Doing something you love to do and make a living while doing it would seem to be a fulfilling idea.

In some cases we take a talent for performing or doing something creative (music, art or photography) and turn that path into a way to make a living.

If we get back to the basic question, Why Are You In Business? Is still there and perhaps not in the way you think.

Is your business just a self-serving, self fulfilling dollar driven path for you?  Don’t get me wrong we all must make a profit and a good one or we can’t stay in business.  But are your goals your only your source of motivation?

There are many ways to say this but some folks have a very different reason to be in business.  They first want to serve the needs of their customers.  They may be working with this as their guiding philosophy; Help the other guy reach his goal(s) or full potential as their basis for their business.

I know you have all read or heard the following quote; “No one stands straighter than when bending to assist another.”  Help your fellow man reach their full potential and making a fair profit while doing it.  Is that a good reason to be in business?

Just a business thought for today….

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