Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Combined Sales Efforts Are Effective and Profitable

What is a Combined Sales Effort?  When two or more businesses get together and use a sales or marketing event that promotes all the businesses at the same time.  The businesses can be related by location (the same shopping center) or by a time related affair.

A restaurant can team with a florist, move theater and ice cream parlor be a special night out and good money saving date night.  A shoe store can team with a department store for a combined discount on a new outfit with great savings.  An oil change shop can combine with a car wash for savings on car care and bring in new customers.  Even a pizza parlor can combine with a dry cleaners for a tongue-in-check cleaning event that will benefit both businesses.

The combination allows the businesses to share the promotion costs by dividing them between the businesses with out diluting the sales results.  So the event can reduce the promotional costs by at least 50% or even as much a 75% if four merchants can get together for the event.

Of course the basis for these events are the stores involved getting together to brainstorm the ideas and combinations.  Unless you are part of a networking group you will have to do the calls or legwork to make the business combinations cooperate for the event.

A good example of these cooperations could be a book store and coffee shop giving out a printed coupon that features the “Other” store.  Buy a book and save on your next coffee.  Buy a  coffee and save on your next book.  Simple and effective traffic builders.  More traffic should equal more sales and greater profits.

These promotions are most effective, and have the highest perceived value when the coupons are actually handed to the customers as an extra thank you and not just left lying on the counter in the hope they will be picked-up.

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