Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Made In The U.S.A. – The Longhorn Jean Company

Looking for more comfortable horseback riding jeans, owners Amanda and Matt Kimes started the The Longhorn Jean Company in March 2009.  Over the past three years they've expanded their business to blend style with comfort.

LJC - The Longhorn Jean Company, was inspired by Matthew and Amanda Kimes. They were desperately searching for a better looking and fitting jean. They are the backbone of this USA made company.

“We wanted a better fit, something that flattered the body and was easy to move in,” says Amanda Kimes, co-founder of the western inspired riding line.

“Everything out there that I enjoyed was very expensive, so we thought, what if we don’t charge as much for a great looking, quality jean,” and as quick as that, the couple got to work.

For Matt and Amanda, LJC is a simple idea. Create an excellent product at an affordable price. Being American made was also very important; they weren’t impressed with what was coming out of China or India. The company, which started with two styles of jeans, began their journey in March 2009. In just two short years, the company now has nine styles for men and women. The Longhorn Jean Company can be found in Austria, England, Germany and Japan.

Within the US, the company now has over 50 retailers representing their line, and they don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

The Longhorn Jean Company has huge goals for their future, and we cannot wait to watch them grow!

The Longhorn Jean Company
28150 North Alma School Parkway
Suite 103-419
Scottsdale, Arizona 85262


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