Thursday, September 20, 2012

Marketing Mayhem – Printing QR Codes Everywhere

As more businesses try to reach customers in everyway they can, you see more and more printed material and “coupons” to go online for the real sale being offered.

Signage in stores, magazine ads, newspapers, hand-out coupons, flyers, brochures and the back of your sales receipt carry QR Codes that take you to the company web site and there, on the web site, you find the advertisment, message or special that the company is promoting.

Smartphones are used by more than 50% of the adult population and have become both a passive and active way for customers to search for specials and targets for stores and companies to use push technologies to make offers to potential buyers.

Intelligent push technology, known also simply as push technology, started as only a web based technique uses server push, or Webcasting.  It is a category of programming that delivers internet-based content to users automatically, at prescribed intervals or based on user-identified criteria. This is in contrast to traditional “pull” technology where users conduct a web browser search in order to “pull” information they seek. They then wait for the server or publisher to locate that information and deliver it. In push technology, action is initiated by the server. In pull technology, users initiate the action.

Today the talk is that using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) chips in your smartphone can be “targeted” and if you meet the demographic the store is looking for a buyer focused offer will be sent right to your phone based on your location.

Currently most stores and companies are using a current “buy” to leverage future purchases with offers made at the time of purchase. Arby’s is using their drink cups and a text message to offer customers food and cash prizes.  Taco Bell’s receipts carry a QR code that goes to a performance survey with “Win a New iPad” reward a very few that take the time to do the survey.  Based on the rules you can enter the survey to win every two weeks.

As an aside, trying the Arby’s text message promotion took more than two hours and several responses to complete and the end result was to make me an offer of a Free Medium drink in a coupon code that expired at the end of the month.  The experience was less than impressive.

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