Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Advanced Holiday Marketing

If you wish to advance your holiday marketing, but don't have the famous “deep pockets” for it, these tips are for you. 

Here are five easy ideas that time-wise take maybe a couple of your coffee breaks. Results? You will be nicely surprised by what a big impact these small ideas can bring to your business and holiday sales.

Use a Holiday Message To Communicate
Having the right message can turn an uninterested visitor into a loyal customer. Make sure you are maximizing the power with an appropriate and seasonal holiday message. 

Holiday Copy Considerations
Ad copy should also be modified to fit with both the type and device. It is possible that smartphone users are further down the list, especially if they are conducting a local search indicating they may be in the vicinity of a retail location and ready to buy. Call to action should be more urgent in this case, which would not necessarily be appropriate in the wider campaign.

Add a Physical Holiday Theme
The idea of using holiday décor to dress up your store may sound trivial, but the impact is big. Use our holiday outfits for your staff as well.

Highlight Special Deals
Sales ambassadors are known for their ability to focus visitors attention to your specials and help customers find what they are looking for. Customers will become more rushed and frustrated as the final shopping days wind down. Why not use that power to pitch your deals and maximize last minute sales for holidays?

Spread Holiday Cheer with Your Emails or Social Networks
Use online tools to send a personalized email to customers or add a touch of holiday spirit to your social network profiles and fan pages. A holiday-themed email series is a great addition for holiday promotions, season's greeting messages, or thank you notes to customers or social followers.

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