Monday, November 19, 2012

Made In The USA – Howard Kauffman Turkey Farms

Yes, it is that time of year again, when the family gathers round the table and we all enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving dinner that includes the iconic turkey.

The United States is the world’s largest turkey producer and largest exporter of turkey products. While exports are a major part of the U.S. turkey market, domestic consumption is higher than any other country, at more than 16 pounds per person.

According to the USDA, turkey production in 2011 was 7.32 billion pounds and valued at $4.99 billion. The top turkey producing states based on number of birds raised are Minnesota, North Carolina and Arkansas.

Kauffman Turkey Farms is one of the last remaining independent family owned and operated  turkey farms with its own dressing plant in the country. Providing fresh dressed turkeys to the Northern Illinois area for over 70 years. This big, beautiful tom turkey, displayed by Robert Kauffman, is only one of thousands that are range grown here on the Kauffman Turkey Farm. 

Their turkeys are grown from one day of age until they are dressed in the farm's federally inspected plant. They raise their birds with the emphasis on quality. This means that the turkeys grow more slowly and develop a richer flavor and denser texture. 

To be designated as range grown, poultry has to have access to the outdoors. This can be as meaningless as leaving a door open to a small pen. People driving by the Kauffman farm can see for themselves how they keep over 20,000 turkeys on open range. However, later in the year flocks are not grown outdoors as they will be too small to face the harsh year-end weather. They do receive extra room, and of course expert care.

Their yearly production of about 80,000 turkeys makes them the largest  turkey farm in Illinois.  Howard Kauffman started his first flock of turkeys in 1933.  The largest turkey they have ever raised dressed out at 50.12 lbs.

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