Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Marketing Mayhem – Danica’s Phone Number

Nationwide Insurance has teamed with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Danica Patrick for an auto insurance television ad that is one of the most successful and talked about to be featured in years.

While Danica talks about the benefits of using Nationwide Insurance’s vanishing deductibles NASCAR team pit box location sign replacements are moved aside and the last one reveals Danica’s phone number 480-388-0988.  Dale Earnhart is shown as the jokester who did the prank. 

If you call the number it is a recording of Danica Patrick who promises a lucky few will actually get a call back. The voicemail states, "If you’d rather leave me a message with your thoughts on how I could get Dale back, that’d be great. If I like your idea, I might just personally return your call.”  Oh yes, and there is a Nationwide mention.

The ad has all the hallmarks and response that makes it one of those that are remembered and talked about for years. An advertiser can ask for nothing more than an ad that goes viral and becomes one that is talked about far beyond the TV exposure.

What makes an ad memorable?  Humor is definitely the most often used word to describe what makes a commercial message memorable. Another word that come up a lot is “tagline.” The use of an iconic character need to be an integral part of making a commercial stand out from the pack.  It seems that this Nationwide ad has all those and more.

The curiosity to find out what happens when you call the displayed phone number is just too great to pass up.  Yes, of course, that Danica is a male heartthrob who has a very high TV Q rating, is perfect casting.  You can see the ad on YouTube:

Keep this great example in mind when you do your next advertisement.  You can apply these ideas to any form of advertising. 

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