Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thanking Your Customers!

When was the last time you thanked a customer?  Yes, I know you try to make sure that you say thank you as a customer makes a purchase or exits your business.  Most businesses do.

The key to that is that most businesses do just that, a spoken thank you on exit.  It is sure better than not doing it.  But, don’t you want to set your business apart from the “crowd?”  You know that staying top of mind is always good for repeat business.  In point of fact, staying “top of mind” is the primary trigger that will bring about repeat business.

You appreciate your customers, of course, you do.  Have you told them that?  If you don’t capture your customers’ contact information there is no way to be able to go beyond that spoken thank you.

Yes, customers want to make their purchases in a quick and clean process and not feel hassled at their check-out.  The nature of some business is the customers tend to stay anonymous.  Grocery stores found a way to move their customers from being nameless and faceless to being truly known by using “reward cards” as part of the checkout process.  The data they collect is used to not only thank the customer but reward them in many ways.

Any business can apply that idea to their sales process.  It will allow you to communicate with your customers.  Which brings us back to thanking your customers.

Take a moment and pick a few customers and handwrite a “thank you card or note,” put it in an envelope, stamp and mail it.  Make sure the card or note contains “your” contact information (You can simply put in a business card). Next step is to wait for the results.  Many if not all of the customers will contact you and communicate how much they appreciate you reaching out to them.  Some will do that in person as they make their next purchase.

While email is an important way to communicate with customers don’t try to use it as a substitute for this particular “thank you” program.  There is something very special about getting that physical envelope in the mail and opening it to find a heartfelt thank you.

You can use this to get a return from a group of customers who have, for whatever reason, become a stale customer.  In this case you might want to include a coupon to help spur their return. You may even receive some great suggestions from this group on how to improve things about your business that may have caused them to leave or just forget to come back.

Let MI Printing help you get your thank you message across using a printed card with a writing area.  You can get started with a simple phone call to 623.582.1302.  Make sure you ask about our current specials.

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