Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Staying Top Of Mind

The single most important reason that people will make a purchase at your business is that they think of your business when they decide to make “A” purchase.  While they are at your business then it is up to you and your staff to make the most of each customer visit.

So how do you stay Top Of Mind?  Some businesses use traditional advertising to remind and attract their customers.  The advertisements not only list the who, what, where, when and the why of the business they tend to be about making the purchase at a reduced price.  Other businesses do the same type of marketing.  This tactic reduces the profits of the “sale” items.

Some innovative business use a completely different approach to stay top of mind.  They sell the customer a very special type of advertising.  Yes, that is correct, they sell their ads to the customer. How many times to you see a person out and about wearing a T-Shirt with a brand name or business name as the primary message.  Getting your customers to both purchase and wear your ads as they go about their daily lives is a very effective form of advertising.

Do you have ad shirts for sale?

The Logan’s Roadhouse has a novel way to stay top of mind.  Many of their ice cream and brownie desserts are sold in a cute little souvenir buckets complete with the chains logo.  They are put to use as a playthings or a useful storage container for paperclips on your desk.  In either case you are seeing their logo and, at least subconsciously, remembering both the taste experience and where it occurred. 

Using a Coupon

If every customer is thanked by receiving a “thank you coupon” with their check or receipt you will find  they are more likely to return than a customer who is simply thanked.  Using can target the coupon use to a slow time of business or to move stock that is spending too much time on the shelf.

Social Media

Most business have found that using social media is an effective way to stay connected and communicate with their customers.  One step that is necessary is to get your customers to join you on your social media channel.  Why not invite every customer to join.  Use a message on your receipt itself. Use your URL http://www.facebook.com/pages/MI-Printing-LLC/266200583411345

No matter how, use methods that remind your customer that you will be happy to see them return.

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