Thursday, November 15, 2012

Forms Help The Work Flow

Many businesses seem to think a computer can solve anything, track anything and even find anything.  If everything came with a bar code. People too, that might work.  Truth is not everything is ready to be tracked by your friendly neighbor computer.

One thing is for sure businesses need to have an understanding of what comes into the business and what and how it goes out.  Different types of business have very different needs when it comes to stock and inventory.  Not just manufacturing business places are affected.  Restaurants need to understand what happens with the many ingredients that go into making a completed dinner for any given customer and only then will they truly understand the real cost of any given meal.

It is your costs that truly determine the gross and net profits rather than the selling price of any given object or service that is sold.

While a simple sheet of paper will contain the basic information you need you will find that a form is likely to be filled in and turned in than an informal sheet of paper.  The form adds an importance to the tracking process that is missing in a plain sheet of paper.

To properly bill a client you need to track the time and materials used to create that clients job.  Once you have the tracking data you will understand what is the overall cost of production.

Before printing a tracking sheet you want to spent time thinking about the information you want and need to track.  Using a test form first is vital to make sure you are getting all of the information you need.  Even the first printing run of the formal form needs to be small to make sure that it is working as expected.  When the form is fully tested you can then do a full press run.

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