Monday, November 26, 2012

Made In The USA – Badger Clamp

The Badger Clamp was first conceived in October of 2007 by the inventor following a spinal cord injury that caused him to have limited abilities. The goal was just to provide him a quick way to be able to lift and move objects in his garage and basement that he normally would have done himself by hand. When friends and family seen the device they were sure they had not seen anything like it before and started thinking up different ways they could use it. Extensive research was done on patent searches to ensure the Badger Clamp would not infringe on an existing patent and it was found that it is a unique product. Keldebre Products LLC was formed to manufacture and market a new product that is called and will carry the trademark name "Badger Clamp". A Patent application was filed in the spring of 2009. The Badger Clamp is patented, U.S. Patent No. 8,196,272.

The Badger Clamp is a hand tool that clamps and locks on a joist, rafter, stud or other wood structure. It provides a quick, temporary or permanent, means of attachment for hanging, lifting or pulling up to 1000 pounds.  Made from zinc-nickel plated steel components, the Badger Clamp is a very durable product that will provide the user with a high quality tool designed to last a life time.

People who seen our first pre production run of the Badger Clamps compared to the market ready production Badger Clamps ask, “what happened to the nice shinny silver finish”. Well this is what happened with that finish. The first run was plated with a bright translucent zinc electroplate. And they did look real nice but lacked durability. The electroplated zinc-nickel finish is more of a dull grayish finish. By adding nickel into the zinc the plating is more wear resistant and can withstand being used on a regular basis. Engineering standards ASTM B 633 for zinc plating: no red rust after 96 hour salt spray test. Engineering standards ASTM B 841 for zinc-nickel plating: no red rust after 500 hour salt spray test. Roughly five time the protection. Bottom line is, zinc-nickel cost about two and a half times that of bright zinc and does not look as nice but we think it’s worth it to provide a long lasting quality tool.

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