Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feel Comfortable with Your Marketing

Your marketing should match the feel of your business.  As you watch TV or listen to the radio you see and hear all types of marketing.  Some could be called “In Your Face”.  They are loud and brash with a short focus message that is usually “Buy, Buy, Buy!!!”

Other ads are more laid back and they message can be very soft and informational in nature.  These ads can be informative and educational.  They try to educate the consumer or perhaps even warn the consumer.

Before you think car dealer versus your local community college it is more far flung than that.  Yes, while the loud brash, buy-it-now ads do bring car dealers to mind, all types businesses have used that format.  The most important point is your advertising and marketing set the tone for what your customers expect and even the demographics of the customers you attract.

We all know that where you advertise will limit where (the demographic) your ad reaches or is targeted.  Generally the advertising medium will be more than happy to tell you the age group and buying power of their target market.  Knowing that will tell you if the audience they reach is the audience you want to attract.

A nice quiet sit-down Italian restaurant may not be looking for the same buyer that the local pizza parlor wants.  While they might both sell pizzas, they need a different buyer.

Your printed materials work the same way.  Your choice of colors, font types and sizes have somewhat the same affect on the viewer.  Make sure your message is a match to the buyer you expect.  Call MI Printing and let us help you make those choices.

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