Monday, April 16, 2012

Quality Printing In-House?

Many times businesses are “penny wise and pound foolish.”  If you haven’t heard that one before it is an old English saying from the early 1600s.  The general meaning is thought of as over careful about trivial things and under careful about important ones. The literal image is of the person who fusses over small amounts of money to such an extent that he misses opportunities to save or make large amounts. 

Many businesses with a computer and a laser printer believe that they can be the source of all their business printing needs.  While a laser printer can put out a reasonable quality image and do it well for a very short run printing job they were never meant to truly replace a “print shop” for flyers and advertising jobs.

The quality and paper stock that comes from a commercial printer is far better than what a business level laser printer can do.

Cost is the “final nail in the coffin” for a business laser printer.  Most lasers today cost about 10 to 15 cents (in grayscale printing) per sheet when you figure the paper and the toner used for a typical job.  Most companies quote their printers cost of operation based on 5% page coverage and a flyer or brochure can be 50 to 80% coverage.  That means you need to take the manufactures cost times ten when trying to get you per page cost understood.

When you figure a full color flyer or brochure the typical business laser is over 50 cents per side.  Many color lasers have a true per page cost of 65 cents when you figure in all the costs involved.

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