Monday, April 2, 2012

Location, Location, Location

The “Location, Location, Location” is the holy grail of small business and the very first rule in setting up a new business.

You can set-up the right business in the wrong location. You can change the structure, remodel it or alter the layout but, ordinarily, you cannot move the building. It's attached to the land. The best locations are those in prime spots with high traffic.  What's that word... traffic?

That means the real secret to setting up a new business is really: Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!

The more people that visit a business the higher the gross sales will be.  So rather than location what a business really needs is traffic through the door, buts in the seats or the loud and strong ringing of the cash register.

Now-days that is the near silent swiping of a credit card that puts money in the pocket.  Traffic is a word that the internet uses everyday.  What is the “traffic” through my website? Is a very common question.  The same thing applies to any brick and mortar business.

You can only hope that your business location has great traffic from the start.  Better than hope, you can plan for many printed brochures, door hangers, flyers, business cards and regular advertising to bring more and more people to your business location.

Your promotion can and will improve the “Traffic” to your “Location.”  At MI Printing we can improve your traffic by helping you tell a good story about your business.

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