Thursday, April 12, 2012

Old Marketing Ideas That Still Work Today

If you’re looking for the future of small business marketing.

Market to your existing customers.  The general rule is that 20 percent of your customers deliver 80 percent of your profits. If this is your business, extract more revenue by calling and emailing customers in the 20 percent group with personalized deals and promotions.

Focus on your customer’s needs. Play to your core customers' needs, offering them a short-term sale or some long-term discounted price. Treat them with respect and meet them in person. Mark down significant dates such as birthdays and send them cards by mail.

Use your customer service as a marketing tool.  A recent survey suggests some American consumers may be willing to pay at least ten percent more for good customer service making it an important potential product differentiation when marketing any product or service. Have you thought about how your customer service impacts your bottom line? Are there ways you could increase the level of customer service in your business?

Make sure you are delivering a quality product or buying experience.  There is an old saying that is; “The Quality Is Remembered Long After The Price Is Forgotten.”  Do you remember the last meal you had that the taste or presentation just blew you away?  Do you remember the last meal you had that the price and quality were low?  Perhaps, more importantly do you buy from the low price, low end quality establishment ever again?

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