Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Businesses, Designers and Printers Working Together

When you have a business marketing need translated into a printed piece you want the results to achieve the marketing results. 

This team that needs to come together to achieve this is a three part team.  The business must know what it is trying to get across to the consumer.  The designer must know all the steps to achieve the goal and the printer must help by producing a good quality printing job.

Sometimes you don’t get the results you want.  That occurs when one or more members of team fail to do their job.  The size of the business is not protection from failure.  The tent card shown here is a great example of how a job can fail.  Worse yet, is they can fail in more than one way.

The example was actual put into use by the business and perhaps that is the greatest failure.  A marketing piece can not succeed if it is missing part of the message.  A broken marketing piece should never be put into use.  At best it can not “work.”  At worst it is a slap in the customers face.

It tells the customer that the business just doesn’t care.  By extension the customer can conclude that all of the parts of that business are run in the same manner.  When that comes to food it is never the message that you want associated with a “consumed” product.  If the message is “we don’t care if we do our jobs correctly.”  You wonder if that applies to what you put in your mouth?

So when you are ready to do your next marketing “printed” piece make sure your message is clear and make sure your designer cares and does a complete and correct job.  Pick a printer who cares about your business as much as MI Printing does.

Notice that the instructions can not be followed because the web address is just plain missing.  Of course the name of the business and copyright statement are missing or can’t be read as well.

If your customers aren’t getting your best in communications or business, you should work on that with MI Printing.

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