Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Direct Mail Still Works!

I know that it seems like everything that has to do with today’s marketing is all about how Social Media Marketing is the only thing that works.  As proof, people often point out that every big company has a presence on Social Media.

I have even heard people say that catalog marketing is another dying breed.  They point out that all the big catalog houses, Sears, Montgomery Ward and many others are no longer with us.  However many specialty catalogs, L.L. Bean, Neiman Marcus and  Crate & Barrel are doing better than ever.

Many companies still use a post card as a very effective direct marketing tool.  The key to success is how well targeted and up-to-date your mailing list is.

Target your list as narrowly as possible.  If you sell custom racing bicycles that cost $8, 000 to start, you can narrow your demographic to a small sub-set of the population.

One target that is always a great place to start is a previous customer.  Do you have a new item to introduce?  A special purchase that offers savings?  Do you have an improved product?  These would all be great reasons to do a direct mail piece to your existing customer base.

Does a purchase of a new home open the door for products and services you sell?  Then the list you won’t to purchase and focus on is new home buyers in your area.  You need that information to be as fresh as possible.  Getting to that customer after you competition does, is not the timing you are looking for.

If you have a general interest product or service the U.S. Post Office has a new direct mail service called Every Door Direct Mail that allows you to target customers within a specific Zip Code.

As old-school as direct mail may seem to some in this digital age, their popularity is back on the rise, especially when you combine an economic slump with popular reality shows like Extreme Couponing. When you give a prospect something they have to physically redeem for their offer, it’s a lot easier to trace and record, so you know what works!

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