Thursday, August 9, 2012

Marketing Mayhem In A Quiet Understated Way

In a meeting with a potential client the other day we talked about “First Impressions.”  If you are a service business you routinely meet with clients one-to-one.  How you look is important. 

Here in the desert southwest we tend to dress in a more casual way than the folks east of the Mississippi river.  What the customer said has stayed with me over the last few days and I looked at those businesses around me with a more critical eye.  How are we doing in an overall causal dress as we go about or work?

A local grocery chain dresses all their staff in black polo shirts with logo and black slacks.  I noticed some of the carry-out staff were wearing long shorts.  It is fair to say that we have been running 11o plus for the last week.  I would give them a solid 8.5 for appearance.

I ran into a car rental location (off airport) the other day and the three staff members were all wearing miss-matched shorts and they were wearing gray polos on top but none had a company logo.  Am I too hard on them with only a 5 for appearance?

I stopped in to an eyeglass location and all the staff were dressed in dark blue medical scrubs with pocket logos.  The staff’s professionalism matched the look of the outfits.  The marketing and salesmanship was crisp as well.  Is there a correlation?  Perhaps!  This location was a solid 9 for a first impression!

Should the outside temperature affect how you staff is dressed?  Here in Arizona that is a real  consideration during the summer.  With afternoon temps near or over 110 degrees every day for days on end the staff clothing must be modified to accommodate the heat.

One last business that both surprised and impressed me was a local “Quick Lube” location.  The staff was in matching button-down shirts (short sleeve) with company logos and matching dress slacks (Dickies Brand).  While the customer waiting area was nicely air conditioned the service bays were all open air and it was at or near 114° that afternoon.  The cars being serviced were adding their own heat from the engines and cooling systems.  Their actions and communications were focused on the task at hand and they moved customers through as fast as you could expect them to.  Overall they were all 9.5s.  I will sure recommend them and be back myself.

While these were not all first impressions they were a judgment of their Quiet Marketing Mayhem.

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