Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Marketing – Throw The Box Away

Many people talk about marketing as an exercise in “Thinking Outside The Box”.  Many innovative marketing ideas are more along the idea of throwing the box away and starting from scratch.  Those new and fresh ideas do seem to get the most attention and return the most in terms of ROI dollars.

For local businesses it the “Local Buzz” you need to market your product(s) or services.  If the whole crowd is sending emails then that is not what you want to do.  You are competing for the same customers in the very small pool.  If everyone is doing Social Media the same thing happens.  You are just part of the “noise”.  You have to find a way to stand out.

One of the problems with using a formula to achieve success is that others are likely to follow a similar path. Need an example? Just take a look at the new TV shows that get rolled out each year.

Open your mind to new ways to sell your product or service. Don’t dismiss anything without thinking about the possibilities. It’s a tough crowd out there in the consumer market and you’re going to have to work hard to win them over.

Several years ago the agency for Craftsman needed a new idea to promote a well known brand.  The result was the idea to drive a Craftsman tractor more than 3,000 miles across country.  They stopped in many cities and held local events to bring fresh awareness to the well known national brand.  The results were a very cost effective sales campaign.

Most every marketer has a “story” of creating a brilliant promotional campaign that failed to consider the promotional risk it generated and was sent to the shredder.  The time and creative energies of the marketing team were wasted because they did not properly address promotional risk.

If you are looking for an idea with a twist.  Arrange to hand out 1,000 one dollar bills with a coupon attached for a special promotion at your business and the original one dollar bill must be returned to validate the coupon.

Sound crazy?  How much does it cost for you to bring in a brand new customer through your business doors?

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