Monday, August 20, 2012

Made In The U.S.A. – Rubber Ducks

Yes, it’s true…. the first floating rubber ducky was invented in America and he is finally coming home! Celebriducks is the only rubber duck company doing all their artwork and sculpting in the US. Now they are bringing the whole industry right back to Ohio, the state where it all began, and once again be offering Made in the USA rubber ducks. The amount of hand work needed to create and paint each one is extraordinary! 

You can order the first Hatched in the USA duckies in the Celebriducks store. And now people can do rubber duck races with real Made in America rubber duckies! You can also follow Sam’s birthing process at: 

Seiberling was one of the original rubber companies in America and they went on to create Goodyear Tire. They also were the ones who created one of the first ever rubber duckies! They are in Ohio where they offer tours of their beautiful estate. Back in the early 1930s, with the release of Disney’s Snow White, Seiberling’s director of marketing approached Walt Disney about becoming one of their first licensees and creating a line of rubber Disney characters including the first rubber Donald Duck. They were tremendously successful.

When Celebriducks started speaking to Seiberling, they all agreed that it would be an extraordinary story to actually create a rubber ducky for them right back in Ohio where it all began. The art department was already in Cincinnati. The new factory was also in Ohio. So why not start to bring the whole industry back here. Seiberling was very excited and the joy of seeing it all come full circle not only to Ohio, but also to the actual place where it all began and create the Celebriducks first made-in-America rubber ducky for Seiberling and also for hundreds of other companies has become a reality!

And so they are currently in the process of making rubber duckies here. It has been much more creative with costs and governmental laws, but they are doing it. Bottom line, they are so happy and proud to be able to bring this industry back to the U.S.A. May it be the first of many!

Celebriducks needs more painters for their Hatched in the USA duckies!  One of the hardest things about bringing the industry back to America is finding painters who can do them cost effectively.  If you know of any painting outfits who might be interested, please send them to Celebriducks. You can call 415-456-3452 or e-mail

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