Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Make Marketing Match

Make Marketing Match? Match What? Make your marketing match your reality.  It does no good to make your marketing a lie.

I think we all have stories to tell about being surprised in a very negative way when a marketing reality did not match “reality”.

On a road trip a few years ago we had planned to stay at a motel whose web site depicted a lovely quaint, retro roadside stop.  As we drove in we found a rundown, poorly maintained property with a very dirty pool and no restaurant.  Far different from what the web site promised.  I would guess that a night stop in the middle of a rainstorm might have hidden the faults, but we choose another motel down the road.

If your marketing makes a promise, you need to make that promise a reality.  Do you make a claim to “good service”?  To keep customers coming back you need to deliver on your good service promise 100% of the time.  If you don’t, your disappointed customers will spread a negative story that can do harm that can not be changed in the customers’ circle of influence.

If you’re a small business, you’ll know better than anyone that you have to wear both the sales and marketing hats, and that they both matter equally to the business. The fact is, marketing and sales are parts of a seamless continuum which starts with an empty sales pipeline and ideally ends with a bulging order book and happy repeat clients to boot.

Handle pre and post sales enquiries: When clients get in touch, whether it’s before the sale or in search of support and answers, who keeps track of all those phone calls? Customer Relationship Management software is a tool that can tell you who’s who, what they’ve bought, and will record what they want with each contact they make.

Make sure your message is a match to the buyer you expect.  Call MI Printing and let us help you make those choices.

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