Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dean Winters – Mr. Mayhem!

As this is written it has been just over three years since Allstate began using Mr. Winters in its wildly successful “Mayhem” commercials? The reach of the television commercials is such that surveys find that 87 to 93 percent of the survey takers are familiar with the ads (depending on the question).

The Mayhem campaign holds a variety of marketing awards, but one of the most surprising is that Mayhem is among the most-shared corporate characters on all of Facebook. Heavily shared posts remind users that life is full of Mayhem:

One of Mr. Winters Facebook posts.
I’m just a red sock in a washer full of white linens.

From the fans; Which Allstate now has more than two million of them on their Facebook

The Allstate Mayhem Here page was ranked by Facebook to be in its top 5 brands globally.

"Fist Bump.... As long as there is mayhem like you, there is job security for electricians like me!"

"What happens in the tippy cup ride rarely stays in the tippy cup ride."

“Thank you mayhem for all your good advice...I ran with scissors I type with one hand”

"Mayhem can say whatever he wants.. You better remember who your talking to... Mayhem is everywhere...."

Whether it’s an oblivious and stressed-out female teenage driver, a pesky raccoon in the attic, or faulty hot water heater or a motorcycle test ride, “Mayhem is everywhere” – all played by Mr. Dean Winters, of course.

Mr. Mayhem
Pro-Tip: If you’re gonna play baseball in the yard, always make sure home plate is right in front of the living room window.

A Fan Response:
Or better yet.... your neighbor's window... ya know... the neighbor with the annoying yapping dog that never shuts up. Yeah. Homeplate directly in front of their Living Room window.... aiming for their new 60 inch flat screen.

First “Get Their Attention” What Mr. Mayhem does the best for Allstate Insurance!

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