Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Made In The USA – VersaTube DIY Metal Buildings

Twenty years ago two men decided they wanted to achieve the American dream of owning their own business and working for themselves. Those two men, who happened to be neighbors and best friends, spent many an evening tossing around ideas and discussing what type of business might make best use of their talents. Tim grew up in the metal product manufacturing industry while Bruce was plying his trade on the administration side of real estate.

Well, they started a business making tubular steel hammock stands and their first big break came when they became the primary supplier of hammock stands for one of the largest woven rope hammock companies in the United States. Tim and Bruce worked hard, the company grew, and in an ideal world that would be the end of the story. Unfortunately, we don’t live in such a place and when the hammock company was sold, the new owners used their own production facility for hammock parts.

Many people would have been satisfied that they’d taken a shot at their dreams and sought the security of a traditional job. But Tim and Bruce weren’t ready to give up – in their minds it was just a minor setback that needed to be overcome. They spent many sleepless nights in their shop tinkering – trying to come up with a new idea. The result was a revolutionary new process: swaging and slip-fit connections.

Swaging allowed them to shape rectangular and square steel tubing using specially designed machines in a way that had never been done before. Slip-fit connections permitted fitting the ends of that tubing together to create structurally sound connections. The reward for all the long evenings and hard work was a method for putting buildings up in much the same fashion as the Erector Set™ and Legos™ of their childhoods: by simply sliding the components together.

As the adage goes, they never looked back. The company became VersaTube and is now the leading producer of DIY building kits. Whether you want a garage, shed, or barn, the kits can normally be put together with just the help of a friend or spouse – the true definition of a DIY-friendly project. Unlike wood structures, you don’t have to be a carpenter to put up a VersaTube building and the galvanized steel can handle the harshest climates without warping, risking fire damage or being carried away by termites. And while they’re designed for homeowners, the buildings are also versatile enough to be used for commercial applications.

Tim and Bruce know first-hand the sense of satisfaction that comes from building something from the ground up and you can too when you choose a VersaTube building kit. Their commitment to hard work and using only high-quality American made material has resulted in tens of thousands of VersaTube buildings going up across the country and around the world.

Location:  50 Eastley Street, Collierville, TN 38017  800-810-2993


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