Thursday, August 8, 2013

Do You Understand Marketing Mayhem?

Recently we have talked about “Marketing Mayhem” as something that is happening in advertising for companies, both large and small.  

We think that if you follow the style used by Allstate’s “Mayhem” series of commercials then mayhem is a great tag for marketing efforts.  Others tag the chaos of today’s advertising marketplace with the mayhem term then yes that chaos is a real challenge for today’s marketer.

With the many choices for placing your message this is what can lead to mindless marketing that can lead to draining profits, wasting productive energy, and creating strategic and tactical confusion in just about every type of business.  This is the type of marketing mayhem that you want to avoid.

In order for someone to see your message you must first get their attention.  Then your message must be good enough to have your target audience remember your message.  Most importantly your message must be good enough to cause your target audience to take the action that you wish them to.  This is where the marketing mayhem style that Allstate is using is so effective.  People like the commercials and talk about them.  From the sales figures they are also effective at selling insurance for the company.

Your advertising message needs to be strong enough to cause a positive action to be taken without turning off too many of your viewers, listeners or readers.  You know there are advertising messages out there that you hate to see come on.  In some cases you are turned off so much that you vow to never use that company, product or service.  While you think it must be the number of times you have seen the message but for you the message is flawed in the way it delivers the message.

If you turn to the Internet for Marketing Mayhem information you will find both positive and negative information.  But you will also have to wade through many pages that offer to sell you a seminar that teaches you everything need to know about Mayhem Marketing. Please don’t think that is a recommendation of any of those courses, it isn’t.  Just the realization of how popular the topic of mayhem marketing has become.

You can always use your message to focus your potential customer’s attention on the positive nature of your business in relation to your competition.  Using Marketing Mayhem style can make message have more “stickiness.”   Of course how to Make Your Message Stick is a whole other book.

Many business tell the story of ineffective advertising… I would bet they do their marketing the same way every time.  Their message gets lost in the background noise of all of the other ads.  If your marketing message doesn’t stand out from the rest you are doomed to poor advertising and sales results.

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