Monday, August 12, 2013

Low Cost Small Business Marketing

Are you one of the small business owners that believe in the motto, "it takes money to make money"? The good news is that nothing could be further from the truth.

The tips that follow should give you some great ideas that you can use to market your small business.

Identify Your Target Market: It's crucial that you know exactly who needs your product or service. Mass marketing doesn't work in today's business environment. Not only does it force you to water down your marketing message to please the masses, but it's much too expensive for the shoestring marketer.

Branding: Your clients and customers need to have a clear picture in their minds as to who you are and how your product or service can solve their most pressing problems.

Customer-focused: Your primary job is to clearly identify the problems that your prospects face and offer them the obvious solutions. 

Consistency: Marketing is much like breathing. It's the life of your small business and should be a regular part of your daily business activities.

Commitment: If your marketing is going to eventually take hold, then you need to make a strong commitment to see it through until it sticks. Don't give up in the early stages.

Patience: The fruits of your marketing labors don't happen overnight. You need to plant your marketing seeds and tend to them regularly before your marketing garden blooms.

Increase Your Visibility: Since your prospects are exposed to over 4,000 ads every single day, you need to ensure that your small business is utilizing as many marketing platforms as possible. Your prospects should come across you in as many places as possible.

Get Their Attention: What are you doing to get noticed? How are you different than your competition? The shortest distance to small business failure is to blend in with the crowd.

Track Your Results: It's essential to your overall survival that you have a clear understanding what works and what doesn't work when it comes to your marketing. Use link tracking software to track your ROI (even if your only investment is your time).

Summary: Marketing isn't just about your advertising campaigns. Every single interaction that you have with your prospects promotes your small business. So, be careful how you answer the phone, respond to your emails and treat your customers because all of it makes an instant and lasting impression on them.

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