Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How To Keep A Customer

What is the basis for a service business?  Is it not the relationship that exists between the business (or person) and the customer?  What you know about your customer’s needs can be the difference between keeping a customer and losing a customer.

Be alert to details that matter to the client and recognize what makes every encounter with each client unique. Should your brand promise be, “Because You’re Different,”? The answer hinges on you and your staff knowing their distinctive clients and sustaining a continuing positive relationship. Tell your client things you are doing for them that they might not know about and make a point to ask them questions about their business.  Don’t be afraid to ask, “What else could we be doing for you”?

What are you doing to promote your clients to other businesses? Ask key commercial clients for their permission to include a link to their websites on your company’s website. You can bet they will give you their OK and will probably appreciate your loyalty to them, which should help you bond with a long-term client.

Do you spend any time (or thought) thinking about your customer’s needs from their perspective? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Think: “If I were them, what questions would I ask?” “What would my needs be?”  As a small business owner what challenges do you face and can you apply your unique solutions to your customer’s challenges?

What do you do as a special thank you to make sure your customer knows you appreciate them? Send a handwritten thank you card to clients when they send you referrals and say the following, “The sincerest form of flattery to my business is in a referral from you, our client. Thank you so much for your vote of confidence and we will take special care of your referral.” Then enclose two more of your own business cards.

Consider that the more face time you can have with a customer the better off you are when it comes to new work and keeping your client(s).  Travel time is generally not productive time.  Consider using smart phone technology, go-to-meeting or Skype to share a presentation, or go through your website while you’ve got a prospect or your client on the phone.

As you know, it is Customer Service that is often the metric that a customer will use to measure one business against another.  It’s not a secret tactic, but it is the most effective one. When your staff provides customers with outstanding service, they show their appreciation by giving you referrals and continuing to purchase from your firm.

Have you heard the phrase “A Gift That Keeps On Giving.”?  Never leave your client or prospect empty-handed. Give them something useful and informative that will make them think of you every time they see it and use it.  Ask about our Promotional Items!

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