Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Made In The USA – Hug A Plug

What is a Hug-A-Plug?

Hug-A-Plug is an attractive, premium-quality right angle current tap (often referred to as a right angle adapter plug) designed to connect electrical cords parallel to outlet surfaces. It eliminates wasted space at outlets by minimizing the clearance required behind furniture, appliances, etc., and eliminates bending, crimping, and damage to cords, significantly reducing the risk of electrical shocks and fires.

Hug-A-Plug, Inc. manufactures and markets high quality, value added electrical current taps and adapter plugs for the home and office. Founded in Brighton, Michigan, all of their products are made in the USA and carry a lifetime replacement warranty. Their mission is to produce products that solve a common problem, are of the highest quality and provide the best value in its class.

Ever try to connect an electrical cord behind your furniture (bed, dresser, wall unit, etc.) and couldn't because there wasn't enough space? Wish you could move furniture or appliances closer to the wall without damaging electrical cords?

Hug-A-Plug was designed to solve these two common problems when connecting power cords to standard outlets: minimize the space required to plug a cord into an outlet, and reduce damage to cords. As long as they were designing a new plug, we thought "why not make them high quality, pleasant to look at and easy to use?" So they did. They think you will agree.

They take pride in the quality of their products and that they are made in the USA. Their products are designed to provide solutions to problems encountered when connecting cords, chargers or transformers to outlets. You will appreciate the improved safety, appearance, convenience and added space when you use Hug-A-Plug.

They value the close relationship with their customers, whose direct feedback helps shape the products and services they provide. If you have any comments about their products and services or would like more information about Hug-A-Plug please contact them.

Contact: Hug-A-Plug PO Box 2190 • Brighton, Michigan 48116 • 800-630-1740

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