Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summertime Marketing – The Next Hot Topic

Yes, it is August 1st already.  Does your business rely on Back-To-School shoppers? If that is the case business should be booming if you are doing a good job.

For many businesses the summer is loaded with vacations, back to school, hot and muggy weather combined with “it’s just too hot to care” attitudes mean that summer is a very quiet time for product or service sales.

If you are in the northern part of the US then summer would be a slow sales time for snow shovels.  But that isn’t the kind of mismatch we are talking about.  You can sell garden equipment and find that August isn’t a booming time.  The garden folks have already bought, planted and used their items in the spring.  They should be resting on the porch an enjoying the view created by their hard work that was done months ago.

Many merchants use this time for sales and close-outs to make room for fall and winter items.  But cutting prices is very good for the bottom line.  Yes, I know having your money tied up in slow selling merchandise isn’t a good business practice either. 

Now might be a good time to bundle related items with a minor price roll-back.  

Are your sales not seasonally related but business is slow because your clients are out-of-town?  Not everyone is gone, so a coupon program might be a nice summertime reward to encourage customer visits this time of year. 

Door hangers in your neighborhood might put your business or service back to top-of-mind and make your foot traffic or phone sales do a helpful rebound. 

Try and work the heat or summertime theme into your message so the understanding is your call to action is to be timely and a time limit might also help them know you mean “Buy It NOW!”

Keep in mind that “Wall Drug” captured thousands upon thousands (make that millions) of customers by offering a simple glass of ice water to hot and thirsty travelers.  Find (or create) a need and fill it.  Sort of like the old phrase “Build a better mouse trap.”

Can you find a way to offer free samples of your products or services to introduce new clients or remind old ones why they should be using your fair over your competitions? 

So give your customers a reason to brave the heat and try something new from your business.  Don’t cut prices to the bone.  Make it a new and different item or make sure they understand the quality or service is worth effort to make your business their destination. 

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