Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Made In The USA – Wild West Guns

"We're kind of the Orange County Choppers of the firearms world. We make all the custom cool stuff for modifying and upgrading firearms," said Jim West, the owner of Wild West Guns.

Wild West Guns was founded in 1992. Starting out small, we did mostly general gun smithing and repairs, together with custom work for Alaska Hunters and Sportsman. We first obtained recognition for our Race Guns, and subsequently developed the now world famous Alaskan Copilot. It was through this beginning, together with our experience as hunters here on the Last Frontier, that the extensive line of Wild West Guns custom firearms was born.

In addition, all of our products are designed with Alaska conditions in mind. Why? The answer is simple. If our products work up here, in some of the most inclement conditions known to man, then they will work for you anywhere.

All of our products have been extensively tested by Alaskans. Our guns have been tossed in small planes, dumped in swamps, dropped in the ocean and dragged across the tundra. They have spent weeks in the rain of Yakutat and Kodiak. They’ve been used to hunt wolves at -40F on the tundra, bears and moose in mountains, thickets and swamps, hunt sheep on virtually inaccessible mountains and carried on snow machines across sea ice for polar bear protection. Since we opened our doors, we have become the largest custom gun shop in Alaska. Our products have been praised all over the world, and are used by hunters and sportsmen from Alaska to Africa!

We continually refine our products. All of our guns are designed to be durable, light weight, accurate, portable and powerful. We pioneered the use of Scout Scopes on our Alaskan CoPilot rifles, developed a sturdy Ghost Ring Sight for snap shooting, and we use our proprietary Alaska Magnum Muzzle Brake to tame the recoil of our ultra light rifles and our powerful long range guns in the hot Lazzeroni, Ultra Mag and Short Mag calibers.

Now, as we are well into the new millenium, we are taking Wild West Guns one step further. We are increasing production of our CoPilots and accessories to satisfy the enormous demand for our products. We have developed a revolutionary trigger kit that eliminates the Marlin trigger flop and gives a clean crisp 3 lb trigger pull. Out bear proof ejectors are virtually unbreakable. Our Aluminum magazine followers won’t gall and ensure smooth feeding. Our original Big Loop Lever has been imitated, but never duplicated.  Our Ghost Ring sights are the sturdiest lever gun sight ever made. We have developed the hot new .457 Magnum that enables lever gun owners to have solid, safe and consistent magnum performance and still use 45-70 loads in the same rifle.

Location:  5225 Wynn Ave Las Vegas, NV 89118 • 800-992-4570


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