Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What Did You Do Today?

No, I’m not asking about what you watched on television, what you had for breakfast or your latest workout.  What did you do today to promote your business?  

If you add one new customer per day that will lead to two hundred and fifty to two hundred and sixty new customers this year.  Of course, you want to maintain your existing customers as well.

If you have employees, what if they added one new customer per day or even one new customer per week.  If you have five employees and they each add one new customer per week that means you will add two hundred and fifty new customers per year.

Before you dismiss the idea what if you hand-out at least two or three business cards per day.  Couple that with a short and clear invitation to try out your business at their next opportunity.  Why should they try your business?  First they have an invitation from the boss or owner.  Knowing the owner is often a reason given for trying a new business.

You will find that a typical small business has less than a one percent recognition in their market area. Less than one percent.  Yes, a business that has been around for years and has a prominent brick and mortar location will have a name recognition between 10 and 25%.  That means that three out of four people aren’t aware of your business.

You can spend thousands of dollars in traditional advertising and get to one to five percent penetration in your local market.  Or you can reach out to one person at a time and make the recognition stick far more effectively.

 Do you think that this idea has no real traction?  Try it.  Consistently add one new contact per day.  How, when?  First at every opportunity.  Do you pump your own gas?  Do you shop? Do you get your hair cut? Do you stop by your doctor or dentist office? Think back just a few days… ask yourself how many people have you come in contact with.

Each and every person you come in contact with is potential new customer.  All you have to do is invite them to try your business the next time they need your product(s) or service(s).

Are you outgoing enough to do that simple task?  If you aren’t doing it, don’t expect your employees to do something you can’t or won’t.  It is that old lead by example thing.

So, think that every time you meet someone or have any interaction you could have added one new customer.  If you aren’t doing it, is your competition out promoting you?

Do you have a box of unused business cards?  Well if you don’t then think MI Printing to have a few thousands printed up.  Oh, by the way, hand them out and collect a few hundred new customers.

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