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Made In The USA – Step2® Toys and Furniture

Many products are assembled in the US from parts purchased from around the world. It is great to find a company that is a leader in their field that takes steps to fully inform their customers.

With concern about toy manufacturing at an unprecedented level, Step2 believes they have a responsibility to clearly communicate the country of origin of their products. They understand that their customers want to make informed purchasing decisions.

According to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines, nearly all Step2 toys can be labeled "Made in U.S.A." Nevertheless, we set a higher standard, and it is our desire to clearly inform you about where our products are made. This includes noting when accessories or smaller toys are sourced from overseas manufacturing plants. We use a three-tiered labeling system on our retail packaging and on this web site:

"Made in U.S.A." will appear on all toys that are made and assembled in the U.S. and meet regulations as outlined by the FTC that "virtually all" of the product and components are U.S. made. Additionally, for a Step2 product to be labeled as "Made in U.S.A.," any imported parts must not be integral to the play of the toy and should be attached to the product. For example, hubcaps, cap nuts and doorbells are parts of a product but not integral to the play of the toy.

"Made in U.S.A. of U.S. and Imported Parts" will appear on toys made and assembled in the U.S. with mostly domestic-made components and some foreign-sourced smaller accessory components (such as pretend kitchen cookware and accessories). Under FTC guidelines, Step2 technically would be allowed to label these toys as "Made in U.S.A.," but the distinguishing factor for Step2 is that these accessories are integral to the play of the toy and should therefore be called out for consumers.

They are proud of their U.S. manufacturing heritage and feel that as the largest U.S. toy manufacturer, it is their responsibility to eliminate confusion. They hope that other toy companies follow their lead in providing consumers with the information they need to make informed choices.

To provide a variety of Step2 products for Moms and Dads with the convenience of ordering from and delivering to your home or office at a fair price with fair shipping.

The concept of Step2 Direct began in 1999 as an online website for the fulfillment of daycare orders. They realized that everyday Moms and Dads are tech savvy, ahead of the curve, and interested in ordering Step2 products and having them delivered directly to their home. Because of this realization, Step2 Direct has now morphed into a direct to consumer ecommerce website.

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